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Are Bail Bond Renewal Premiums Required?

A concern faced by many clients is the dreaded bail bond renewal premium. Our office is always receiving phone calls from clients regarding the one year anniversary of their issued bail bond. The client’s criminal court case has not settled for some reason or another and they are worried about a possible renewal premium in the near future.

It is a common practice in the commercial bail bond industry to charge a renewal premium to a client. Just like many other forms of insurance, this is paid yearly. The bail bond renewal premium is also disclosed in the surety bail bond agreement, the contract used to secure the defendant’s release from custody. The section of the contract specifying the bail bond renewal premium may read something like this:

“To pay Second Party ( Bail Bond Company) $ premium amount per annum for this bail bond. The premium is fully earned upon the release of Principle (Defendant). The fact the Defendant may have been improperly arrested, or his bail reduced or  his case dismissed, shall not obligate the return if any portion of said premium. This bond is renewal each year. First Party (co-signer) agrees to pay Second Party (Bail Bond Company) a renewal premium in the amount stated above, twelve months after the date on which this Bond was executed. If said renewal premium is not paid upon written demand therefor. Second Party (Bail Bond Company) or Surety has the right to surrender Principal (Defendant), as provided in the California Penal Code, Section 1300, and exonerate the Bond.”

The surety bail bond agreement and state law clearly indicate that a bail bond renewal premium may or will be charged to the client. However, the bail bond renewal premium is charged by the bail bond company (Second Party), not the surety insurer as indicated above. Thus, the surety insurer can care less if the bail bond company charges the client the renewal premium or not! This is where most clients and criminal defense attorneys have been mislead or misinformed by some bail bond company they have dealt with in the past.

For example, Fastrak Bail Bonds, finds it an unfair business practice to charge a client a renewal premium because the case has been delayed or continued due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, we don’t charge a renewal premium to our clients. The criminal court system is very busy, cases can be complex, why should the client have to be penalized again? This also provides relief for the retained criminal defense attorney, allowing them to focus on their client’s best interests and not having to worry about the bail bond company.

Please contact us for further information regarding our SmartBail worry-free service. Thank you.


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Do Bail Bonds Expire?

Every so often, I run across a criminal defense attorney in court asking about the bail bond process and its procedure. Unfortunately, I find that the criminal lawyer has been either misinformed or mislead by some competitor in the past. Thus, by popular belief, many criminal attorneys and clients assume the client’s bail bond will expire on the one year anniversary or some future date.

Sure, an unused bail bond has an expiration date of one year from the date of issue, but a client’s issued bail bond never expires. At least this is true for the State of California. The bail bond or “power of attorney,” as known in the commercial bail bond industry, is a legal instrument (contract) promising the defendant’s appearance in court.

The “face sheet”, is a letter size document accompanied with the bail bond. It outlines the defendant’s case information; court of jurisdiction, appearance date, bail amount, and conditions of bail pursuant to sections of the California Penal Code. In the example given below, there is no mention of any expiration date?

 Furthermore, the power-of-attorney or bail bond, is attached to face sheet when delivered to the county jail, detention facility, or courthouse. The bail bond does not indicate any expiration date as well. The illustrated power-of-attorney below is general example of what is used in the industry for the release of  an arrestee from jail.

Hopefully, this information will give you some insight on how to better serve your clients when it pertains to bail.

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Bail Bonds In Buena Park

The City of Buena Park is home to approximately 83,000 people. In addition, the city is host to some very popular attractions, such as Knott’s Berry Farm. Law enforcement services are provided by the Buena Park Police Department. This policing agency has 92 sworn officers and 48 civilian employees. The Buena Park City Jail is a division within the police department and is located 6650 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, California 90622. Bail or bail bonds in Buena Park can be posted at the Buena Park City Jail 24 hours a day. The general telephone number for the Buena Park Police Department is (714)562-3901 and (714)562-3939 for the Buena Park City Jail.
The Buena Park City Jail is a Type I facility. Arrestees booked at this facility are temporarily housed here until  they are arraigned by the court or bail is made for their release. Arrestees held on warrants or other special circumstances, will general be transferred to the Orange County Jail for further processing. Arrestees posting bail or bail bonds in Buena Park are generally released within an hour. However, there can be a substantial  delay in the release process due to shift changes and jail activity. The Buena Park City Jail processes approximately 5,000 adults and juveniles ever year.     
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Bail Bonds In Yorba Linda

The City of Yorba Linda contracts with the Brea Police Department for law enforcement and crime prevention services. Thus, bail or bail bonds in Yorba Linda are issued at the Brea City Jail, a detention facility located within the Brea Police Department. Arrestees are held at the Brea City Jail temporarily until bail is posted or until the arrestee is transferred to the Orange County Jail for further booking and housing. The Brea Police Department is located at: 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, California 92821. The general telephone for the Brea Police Department is (714)990-7625.

Fastrak Bail Bonds has provided bail bonds in Yorba Linda area since 1996. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you in releasing a loved one, family, or friends from this location. Our office is approximately 3 miles from the Brea City Jail where we will meet you and expedite the release process. Typically, an individual is released within an hour of posting a bail bond at this location.

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Bail Bonds In Seal Beach

Bail or bail bonds in Seal Beach are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The Seal Beach City Jail is a 30-bed, all-male facility housed inside the Seal Beach Police Department on Seal Beach Boulevard. The six-member staff also helps book and process individuals who had been taken into custody by the Seal Beach Police. The Seal Beach Police Department and Seal Beach City Jail are located at 911 Seal Beach Boulevard, Seal Beach, California 90740. The general telephone number to the police department is (562)799-4100 and (562)799-4100, ext.1117, for the jail. 

Fastrak Bail Bonds has been providing bail bonds in Seal Beach since 1996. Our Westminster office is approximately one mile from the Seal Beach City Jail. Please contact us with any question or concerns regarding your bail bond needs. We are available 24 hours a day, call us toll-free 1-800-525-5915 or 714-899-0123. Thank you.

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Bail Bonds In Anaheim


The Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim City Jail is located at 425 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California 92805. The general telephone for The Anaheim Police Department is (714)765-1900 and the Anaheim City Jail can be contacted at (714)765-1988.

Bail or bail bonds in Anaheim can be posted 24 hours a day at this location. The jail for visiting and posting bail is located in the rear section of the Anaheim Police Department.

Directions: If you are coming from the Disneyland area, you would head north on Harbor Boulevard until you came to Santa Ana Street. Make a left onto Santa Ana Street, the jail entrance is immediately to your right. If you are coming from the Fullerton area or 91Fwy, you would head south on Harbor Boulevard and make a right onto Santa Ana Street, the jail entrance is immediately to your right.

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The Huntington Beach City Jail

The Huntington Beach City Jail is located at: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California 92648. The detention facility offers visiting between the hours of 2 PM and 4 PM, seven days a week. Each inmate is allowed two visits per day, with a 15 minute maximum per visitor. Bail or bail bond can be issued at this location 24 hours a day.  More information can be obtained by calling the jail at: (714) 536-5691. 

The Huntington Beach City Jail also offers the pay-n-stay program for those individuals who qualify through the Superior Courts of Orange County. In general, this program allows you to work while serving your time at the Huntington Beach City Jail. There is a daily fee associated with the pay-n-stay program, please check with the Huntington Beach City Jail for further information. Thank you.
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Bail Bonds In Huntington Beach


The Huntington Beach Police Department and Huntington Beach City Jail are located at 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California 92648. The major cross streets are Main and Yorktown. Their general telephone number is (714)536-5691.

Bail or bail bonds in Huntington Beach can be posted 24 hours a day at this location. The Huntington Beach City Jail and its staff work diligently in the release process. Once bail or bail bond has been posted, the release time is approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

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Fullerton Police Department


The Fullerton Police Department and Fullerton City Jail is located at 303 W. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832. The general telephone number is 714-738-6800. Bail or bail bond can be posted at this location 24 hours a day. Fastrak Bail Bonds is located approximately one-half mile from this location. Our address is 618 N. Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton, California 92832. You may also reach us 24 hours a day toll-free at 1-800-525-5915.

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